This is Hard (Part 2 of 2)

For example (continued from Monday), check out this fan from Twitter who also 'Liked' the Gallery page on Facebook, so she was in the mix. This is her profile pic, so I hope it's okay to share here since it's already public.

@krystalxs' profile pic and source for
February  Facebook Fan drawing #6

Look at that face! She's adorable! Elvish, even. Huge eyes. Amazing slope of her nose, full cheeks and lips. What wound up being my final fan drawing for the night (the one that made it into the official Moleskine) is a fine female, but it is NOT @krystalxs!

February Facebook Fan drawing #6

Much better, I like what I did with a preliminary drawing of her, with my trusted Bic pen. The lines are much more elegant and soft –much better-suited to the curves of her lovely face.

Preliminary sketch of February Facebook Fan #6

(For the Record - I happen to know Facebook Fan #6, which is part of the reason why the final drawing hurts so much!)

Keen observers may also note that I made her head narrower in the final drawing, which didn't help, and which isn't the pen's fault. I agree. I just made a bad choice at a certain point in the drawing, and had to make a go of it.

I started drawing with pens because 1) I like the flow of the ink on paper, and 2) ink is permanent. That second point is most important because with ink, you just have to put it down and keep going. No backsies! Unlike working with pencil, where you can just erase if something turns out the way you don't like. I don't remember who gave me the advice to start drawing in pen, but over time it developed into a habit, and I think it makes me bolder. But I've neglected my drawing ability for so long, I feel anything but bold!

It's easy to be careless with male figures, but with females– we just tend to react more strongly to violations of our ideal female than we do our ideal male. There's a whole 'nother post (or 12) there, as 'maleness' is something I really explored in my undergraduate portfolio and a lot of my work touches on that theme.

Jasper by ben capozzi ©2006

But, even as embarrassing as some of this is to share, it's part of the process, and every time I show up here, with another drawing, that's one more I hadn't made, and one more that makes me better than I was before I made it. Even the bad ones have merit. (See Annie Lamot's excellent book, Bird By Bird, on the merits of a 'shitty first draft.').

February Facebook Fan #10

Tonights' drawing, Facebook Fan #10, did turn out better. So I can see improvement.

Though I couldn't resist breaking out a new, finer pen in order to do it. More tomorrow!


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