April Update: Three Months to Overnight Success! [Updated w better sketches]

Well, it's happening. Overnight success is real, and I've made it!

Let's get it started in here.

Made it to the '3 Months' mark, that is. In my head it feels like longer, but on the screen it looks like less. That's changing though. There's definitely some cool business to share, new art, and an Earth Day promo coming at week's end.


Happy Friday the 13th: Voorhees for iOS

I'm kicking ass and taking names this Friday the 13th friends, Voorhees-style!

Nah, but I am giving you the whole weekend to score some free art swag! I've made a custom Friday the 13th iOS wallpaper (featuring some guy; wears a hockey mask; kinda' wet) and it's yours free for signing up for the newsletter. Plus, more celebrity zombie art, this time featuring blogger Johnny B Truant (below), world traveler Chris Guillebeau's book news, and yet another way for you to score a free portrait sketch. Read on, if you dare!

Johnny B..?


Wednesday Update: Facebook Fans, Archive Sketches, & Zombies

Time for a Wednesday update, folks. Read on for how you can score some some original art, a trip to the old sketchbook archive, how to get even more original art, and of course, the Undead!

moleskine. kitchen table. fish bathtub plug-cum-centerpiece.


Zomb-Mad Men: Easter Sunday, Don Draper, & Mistakes

Yesterday, while everyone around town was thinking about one resurrection (Easter), I was thinking about another (the return of AMC's Mad Men). So, being me I combined them and arrived at this.

zombie don draper with overturned scotch and fresh brain
© ben capozzi 2012


30 Day Drawing Challenge - Day 4 Favorite Place

First thing that came to mind was New York, baby!

I'm sure there are a thousand quiet (and some not-so-quiet) places I've been to in my 36 years that I've forgotten about and a TON that I've yet to go to, but New York City remains one of my favorite places.

The food. The people. The possibilities.

still breaking myself in on Paper App for iOS by 53

I even proposed to @MadeByElyse there, on the Brooklyn Bridge, so that seemed essential to my drawing. Which is why this sketch owes so much to the Castle TV show background, which features the bridge and the skyline so prominently.


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30 Day Drawing Challenge - Day 3 Favorite Food

As someone who used to cook a LOT (and who now cooks moderately) I wasn't sure what I was going to draw for today, Day 3 of this 30 Day Drawing Challenge from artist Allison Lehman, 'Favorite Food'.

Still working with 53's Paper app for iPad to do these.

I thought I might do something that's now contraband like meat, or butter, or CHEESE.

Then I thought it might be something like a Gyros from Souvlaki, or a favorite fruit, or Buzz and Ned's BBQ, or Pad Thai with shrimp and chicken, or an Indian buffet, or a Volcano roll from Kabuki, or my mom's lasagna, or Aztec Gold Chocolate truffles, or––! There are too many things my tastebuds lust after!

A lovely slice with pepperoni and green peppers.
Made with 53's paper app for iPad.

When I shared my uncertainty with @MadebyElyse, though, she didn't skip a beat: pizza. And she's right. I do believe it is my favorite, and it's just loaded (usually) with stuff I no longer eat (like meat or dairy).

Can't wait until next time I'm back in NYC for some Vegan pies!


30 Day Drawing Challenge - Day 2 Favorite Animal

The sloth, of course! (As I posted before.)

Getting the feel of 53's Paper app for iPad

Maybe ever since I saw their awesome and colossal prehistoric skeletons at the Smithsonian in DC, or maybe because I admire their patient pace of life. Not sure why, but these are definitely my favorite animals.*

* - My favorite as a species and in the abstract; my favorite animals actually in my life are of course Matilda and Chewie. See my Instagram stream for more (@bencapozzi).
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